Police schoot suspect


JACKSON SQ.—A Jamaica Plain man allegedly escaped police, despite being shot by an officer, by running into the Bromley-Heath housing development while waving a handgun on the night of Oct. 4, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. The man, Amos Carrasquillo, 18, of 921 Parker St. was later arrested after checking into Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Carrasquillo allegedly fled from a car stopped by police. Also arrested were the car’s alleged other occupants, Lamory Gray, 20, of 934 Parker St., and Luis Garcia Jr., 20, of Mission Hill.

Carrasquillo and Garcia have also both been hit with federal drug trafficking charges in unrelated cases. [See related story.]

Boston Police and State Police officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force initially tried to stop the car because it had a dragging, smoking muffler, according to Jake Wark of the DA’s Office. But, he said, the car sped away, and police chose to stop chasing it after a short time to avoid endangering other drivers.

A short time later, the car “was spotted, and apparently heard, in the Bromley-Heath development,” Wark said. Police pulled it over at 24 Heath St., and Carrasquillo allegedly fled the car on foot from the passenger’s seat. A police officer chased him. Then, Wark said, “Allegedly, Carrasquillo turned and pointed a gun at him.”

The officer shot at Carrasquillo multiple times, wounding him in the arm and hip, but he fled into 944 Parker St. and got away, according to Wark and Boston Police Department reports. The wounds were reportedly non-life-threatening. Police reportedly found a loaded gun in the vicinity of the chase.

Local E-13 Police Capt. Kelley McCormick told the Gazette he can’t comment on the shooting because, “I was intimately involved” in the investigation and likely will testify in court.

Following his arrest at the hospital, Carrasquillo was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, unlawful firearm possession and with being a “Level One career criminal,” meaning he already has a major violent felony on his record. His bail was revoked on an unrelated trespassing charge and for a probation violation on a previous conviction of assault and battery on a police officer.

Gray and Garcia were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Gray was also charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, possession of Class D drugs and “refusing to submit to police.”

Police are also conducting a standard internal investigation of the shooting.

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