Men guilty of carjacking sentenced to prison


Two men were sentenced to 15 to 18 years in prison last week for their 2005 screwdriver attack and carjacking of two women behind Costello’s Tavern.

James E. Porter, 49, of Mattapan and Kevin M. Robinson, 51, who is homeless, were convicted of armed carjacking, armed robbery and assault and battery in the April 15, 2005 incident. Also, Porter was convicted of cocaine possession and Robinson was convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The victims, Iris MacKinnon and Emily Dunning, spoke to the Gazette at the time to warn other women to be alert. They said Porter and Robinson had acted like police officers in trying to get the women out of their car in the parking lot behind Costello’s at 723 Centre St. When that failed, Robinson threatened them with a screwdriver.

Dunning was able to flee to Costello’s, with Robinson in pursuit, where she got help from patrons and the bartender. Porter dragged MacKinnon into the back seat and punched her repeatedly in the face. But MacKinnon—at only 5-feet-1-inch and 105 pounds—fought him off, in part by burning him with a cigarette. The men threw MacKinnon out of the car, then fled in the vehicle, running her down in the process.

An off-duty EMT followed Porter and Robinson in a long car chase through Brookline and into Brighton. The men were finally arrested following a failed attempt to ram their way past a police cruiser.

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