Body found along tracks


STONYBROOK—A badly decomposed body was found March 11, apparently in an overgrown area along the Orange Line off of McBride Street behind the Flanagan & Seaton car dealership at 3529 Washington St.

The skeletal remains were found after an unnamed tipster called police around 7:45 p.m. It was not immediately clear how the person died.

Police believe the remains were male, but no other identification could be made immediately. A forensic anthropologist will be called in to attempt to identify the body, said Boston Police spokesperson Elaine Driscoll.

Police incident reports said the body was found in an overgrown field and variously gave the address of the car dealership and of English High School across the street. Driscoll said those were just nearby addresses and was unable to specify exactly where the body was found.

But a small ring of yellow crime scene tape appeared to still mark the spot on March 12, hanging in tall weeds on the overgrown strip of land above the sunken Orange Line tracks. The scene was roughly 150 feet south of where McBride Street crosses the Orange Line, behind the car dealer’s graffiti-covered rear wall and next to one of the support beams that holds up Orange Line electrical wires. A gated driveway into the area from McBride Street also had remnants of crime scene tape.

MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said that police at first thought the area was T property, but it is not. He said he has no other information about the case, noting that Boston Police are handling it.

A person who answered the phone at the car dealership on Monday said no one there had heard of a body being found.

Anyone with information about the body can call the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 343-4470 or anonymously at 1-800-494-8477.

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