In the “Housing issue absorbs council” article on April 27, the Gazette reported that there was “no public advertisement of the meeting in local press” until the day before the meeting of Forest Hills Improvement Initiative. The Gazette incorrectly reported the date of the meeting, which was held on March 31.

John Dalzell of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), sponsor of the initiative, said this week that the BRA sent e-mail “blasts” announcing the meeting to residents weeks beforehand. He said the BRA also distributed flyers at Forest Hills Station, had posters in businesses and in the station and asked state Rep. Liz Malia and City Councilor John Tobin to send the announcement to their e-mail lists well before the meeting. The meeting was attended by approximately 75 people.

BRA spokesperson Jess Schumaker said in an interview for that article that the BRA just missed the previous Gazette deadline for placing an advertisement while waiting to confirm participants’ schedules.

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