Area E-18, Jan. 19-Feb. 1

February 8, 2008


1/26, 11:40pm, 344 Hyde Park Ave. A Roslindale resident and two Dorchester residents arrested and charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle after allegedly being pulled over in a car reported as stolen elsewhere earlier that night.

1/29, 1:45pm, 45 Bourndale St. Angel Robles, 33, of the above address arrested by Boston police and FBI agents and charged with armed bank robbery in connection with a Roxbury robbery in December and a suspect in other bank robberies. Pedro Ortiz, 32, of JP was also arrested and turned over to Newton police in connection to a bank robbery in that town.

1/31, Walk Hill St. Assault with a dangerous weapon—gun.

2/1, 370 Hyde Park Ave. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon against a police officer.

Other incidents

Breaking and entering, residence: 1/28, 78 Walk Hill St.

Simple assault: 1/28, 25 Walk Hill St.

Possession of Class B drugs: 1/31, 3702 Washington St.

Fraud: 2/1, 80 Wood Ave.

License premise violations: 1/31, 56 Patten St.

Vandalism: 1 report; Harassing phone calls: 1 report.

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