Rep. Malia supportive of healthcare workers

On behalf of the healthcare workers of 1199SEIU at Radius Specialty Hospital in Roxbury, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to state Rep. Liz Malia for recently taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to meet with us on March 21. Rep. Malia listened to our requests for her support of the Radius Specialty Hospital Training and Upgrading Fund to improve jobs and training opportunities for healthcare workers. We feel that better training for healthcare workers also means better care for local patients.

Along with my fellow healthcare workers and 1199SEIU members, I feel Rep. Malia should be commended for her clear understanding of the issue, her compassion and her ability to listen. As we work to ensure better training and education opportunities for healthcare employees, we appreciate how Rep. Malia took the time to listen to our concerns, and the fact that she went the extra mile to meet with us in person. She should be recognized for her dedication and commitment to quality healthcare services and the concerns of her constituents.

Andria Austin
Radius Specialty Hospital, Unit Secretary

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