Thanks to Tedeschi staff

I am 84 years old. I have medical problems, and I lost my wallet in the Tedeschi at 684 Centre St. that used to be Store 24. I was devastated because I had personal papers, a few medical cards and a Social Security card in the wallet. I was so worried.

The manager, Monimul Islam, found the wallet. He looked everywhere. He took time out of a very busy day to look for it. That market is my favorite. I always see their smiling faces. They are extremely friendly to all of us. The manager is a gentleman, and the staff is wonderful.
Being from Europe, I always feel at home there, because in France we have many neighborhood stores where people are your friends because they know you. When you tell the manager you would like a special item, he tries to order it. They have a variety of produce and fresh vegetables, which is great because I do not have a car to do my errands.

The whole staff at the Tedeschi deserves a lot of credit.

Alice Barro Lieber
Jamaica Plain

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