Power also makes some confused

They say that power corrupts, but does it also make one stupid? What could Sen. John Kerry and his advisors have been thinking when they didn’t have his latest toy built in the US (Surely we have skilled boat builders in this country–especially in this region.) and then to berth it outside of his beloved Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to avoid taxes… and then to pay them as if he had intended to do so all along.

I wonder if he and his wife realize they could have had their boat more readily available right there in Nantucket had they done the right thing from the beginning. And while we’re on the subject, does Gov. Patrick think his constituents are that naive—that we don’t recognize that his trip to Iraq, no matter what the reason, was primarily to bolster his image? It makes a liberal such as me shudder!

Michel L. Spitzer
Jamaica Plain

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