Local shopping fest slated

Rebeca Oliveira

In response to the controversy surrounding the Hi-Lo/Whole Foods switchover, local residents, merchants and Main Street organizations from Jamaica Plain’s three shopping districts have designed a one-day event on April 16 to promote local shopping.

The JP Shopping Spree will kick-off at noon at Crystal Fruit, 278 Centre St. Participants will then be invited to take the 48 bus (JP Loop Bus) to the three business districts—Egleston Square, Centre/South and Hyde /Jackson.

“JP is one of the few neighborhoods where residents can buy all their groceries at locally owned shops,” Jamey Lionette, one of the organizers, told the Gazette this week. “Whatever your budget or food choices, corner stores owned by your neighbors offer it. There are not many neighborhoods left where this is true.”

Residents and visitors will be encouraged to pick up a “passport” at any one of the participating businesses. Those who get passport stamps from at least six of the businesses will be entered into a raffle for products from those businesses. In addition, participants will encounter samples, cooking demos, specials and tips at each business.

Over 20 existing markets and bodegas in Jamaica Plain are offering all kinds of goods, including affordable, organic, local, Latino/Caribbean, packaged, canned, frozen and fresh groceries. These businesses are locally owned and employ over 100 people.

For more information on the JP Shopping Spree and for a map and description of all of JP’s markets, bodegas and groceries, go to www.buylocaljp.com or visit “JP Shopping Spree” on Facebook.

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