Preserving Hellenic Hill

The Jamaica Pond Association is very much concerned about the potential sale of approximately 12.5 acres on Hellenic Hill for undetermined development purposes. Please understand and appreciate that the JPA, an organization representing one of the abutting neighborhoods, is opposed to any untoward development on Hellenic Hill that will diminish its natural landscape and have an almost certain negative impact on Jamaica Pond Park. Hellenic Hill is one of the last remaining urban wilds in Jamaica Plain as well as the City of Boston. It is an integral part of the ecological system of the Emerald Necklace, so wonderfully designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. We should explore all options to preserve it.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I encourage Hellenic College to diligently work with the JPA, the Jamaica Hills Association, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, the City of Boston and other concerned organizations to develop a long-term conservation plan to ensure permanent preservation of this natural environment. This would be a long-term solution to protecting this land for future generations.

The JPA understands and appreciates the economic challenges Hellenic College currently faces. Nevertheless, we have to think of the future and act responsibly to protect the natural beauty and ecological importance of Hellenic Hill within the overall campus of Hellenic College and our community. There must be a long-term conservation solution that satisfies Hellenic College’s financial challenges and the absolute need of the Jamaica Plain/Boston/Brookline community to preserve this land for present and future generations. The JPA is committed to achieving this conservation opportunity and will work with Hellenic College and other groups to accomplish this very important civil task.

Michael Frank, Chairman
Jamaica Pond Association
Jamaica Plain

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