Can Chang-Díaz help?

Web Exclusive

Dear Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz:
I read your letter to the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Whole Foods Ad-Hoc Committee. (“Senator: No Whole Foods without housing fund,”, April 30.) I thought it was very well-written. So much so, that I have a small favor to ask you. There’s a landlord on my street that is renting his apartment to somebody that half the residents of my block really likes. But the other half does not believe he will make a good neighbor. Would you mind writing the prospective tenant and ask him to break his lease or sublet the apartment to someone that you think would be a better suited for our neighborhood? Alternatively, I suppose he could move in as long as he agrees to additional conditions. Of course, those conditions should only apply to him and to no one else on our street. Thank you for your anticipated efforts in representing the interests of half of the residents of my neighborhood.

Brandon Buckingham
Jamaica Plain