Open arms for Whole Foods

Web Exclusive

Dear Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz,
When I first heard that Hi-Lo was closing its doors, I was heart-broken and sad. I was concerned about the workers and the way the community was treated after 47 years of support. But Whole Foods is not to blame for that. In fact, they are eager to work with us. We should be including, not excluding.

I feel this process is becoming a power struggle. Let’s face it, Hi-Lo is not coming back, and so we must move forward.

I was indeed disappointed to read your letter stating your position with Whole Foods (“Senator: No Whole Foods without a housing fund,” May 13). I am a homeowner of 404 Centre St. (across from Hi-Lo) and I will be directly affected by anything that goes into that location.

We want change—positive change—in our community. As a resident of Hyde Square, I am convinced that a corporation that brings jobs, healthy foods and resources to the community should be welcomed with open arms.

Please make sure your Jamaica Plain constituents are the ones who influence your vote and not people who live in other neighborhoods or cities.

Blanca Bonilla
Jamaica Plain