Teen charged in armed robbery


GLENVALE PARK—A local teenager allegedly brandished a knife and stole a cell phone from woman on May 11 on Chestnut Avenue, according to the Boston Police Department.

The victim reported that two males approached her from behind while she was talking on the cell phone at the intersection of Chestnut and Segel Street. One suspect grabbed the phone, and when the victim resisted, the other suspect pulled a knife. The victim then threw the phone to the ground, where the suspects picked it up and fled down Segel.

In what BPD spokesperson Elaine Driscoll called a “great example of community cooperation,” multiple witnesses—one of them driving by in a car—helped to identify one of the suspects as a local 16-year-old. The BPD does not publicly identify juvenile suspects.

The suspect was charged as a juvenile with armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.