Psychic: Hyde Sq. future can’t be seen

Will Whole Foods turn Hyde Square into a gentrified wasteland of loft condos and plate-armored baby strollers? Or will it turn Hyde Square residents into organic-powered Popeyes fueled with nutritional, and quite possibly Latino, food? Will members of Whose Foods? and JP for All ever sit down and share a chimi, or at least a Cuba Libre?

The future is a murky, anxiety-producing place. So last week, the Gazette went to the local expert: the Psychic Studio—walk-ins welcome—just up Centre Street from the future Whole Foods.

The unnamed psychic on duty turned down a radio and cast a skeptical eye as the Gazette requested a reading of the future of the Hyde Square neighborhood.

She delivered the hard truth: She can only advise individuals, not entire communities. Each person involved would have to come in for separate readings.

“I’d be a very rich lady if the entire community would come to me,” the psychic predicted.

The Gazette, preferring that some futures remain murky, declined an invitation for a personal reading. Back out on the sidewalk, the view was dominated by the former Blessed Sacrament Church redevelopment, where a new Latino grocer may soon open shop. Or not.

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