Letter: Wine store plan could go wrong

I am a resident and parent of young children. I am very upset to find out that a new wine and beer store is being proposed across the street from the Curley School where I in fact attended middle school. Jamaica Plain has numerous places to purchase wine, beer and alcohol. To allow a store so close to the Curley School sends the wrong message to our children and our community.

If it is true that [owner Michael Dupuy’s] store is so unique to provide products not available in other stores (which seem ridiculous) then there are far more suitable locations in our community. I read claims of no Budweiser or Corona. What happens if the business is not going well? He will have to sell anything to survive. Once the license is granted to this store, the City authorities and the state liquor commission have no control over the store’s product mix. Once it is in business, the store can do exactly what it wants within the confines of the law and the community is stuck. If he sells it, the community can do very little to keep the store boutique and upscale.

Furthermore, his concession to be TIPS trained is something every responsible operator and their employees should have completed. It is no concession. Granting a new license is supposed to be based on the needs of the community.  We do not need another alcohol outlet.

This is a bad and dangerous proposal that should be opposed by our community.  We have more than sufficient alcohol outlets in our community and if wine and beer are soon allowed in grocery and food stores we will have a lot more.

I hope our community leaders and elected officials will ask Mr. Dupuy to seek another location for his store.

Orlando Benzan, Jamaica Plain

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  1. Matt Boyle
    October 11, 2011 at 11:02 am


    I understand your concerns about a liquor store opening across the street from a Middle School.  However, I do not believe that you are familiar with the types of products that Mr. Dupuy will be selling or the type of passion it takes to open a store that is free of mass produced big name brands.  Because he will be catering to a select group of people, of which there are many in Jamaica Plain, unique products that are not available at other stores in the area will be stocked.  Furthermore, to call his proposed boutique beer and wine shop an outlet is an insult to the true intent of the store and shows your ignorance in this topic.  Also, assuming that brands like Budweiser and Corona would make it to the shelves if “business is not going well” would be to assume that Mr Dupuy is not a devoted lover and connoisseur of local and artisanal beer and wine.  Do failing bakeries sell Wonder bread?  Do failing coffee shops sell Starbucks?  The revolution that we have experienced with craft beer in particular has pushed notions of respecting beer and true enjoyment complex flavors.  This would not be a store for kids nor a place to encourage underage drinking or over consumption.  This is a place for educated drinkers to buy rare and high end bottles of beer and wine that are normally not found in Jamaica Plain.  The message this sends to the community is one of following dreams and supporting your local businesses.

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