O’Malley calls for snow removal hearing

It’s not too early to be investigating snow removal problems, according to local City Councilor Matt O’Malley.

O’Malley last month called for a hearing into city and state agencies’ problems removing snow from public property. Last winter, bus stops, sidewalks and other areas in Jamaica Plain were heaped with snow while agencies disputed whose responsibility the cleanup was.

“There was a fair amount of finger-pointing last winter by different public agencies,” O’Malley said in a press release. “As public agencies passed the buck, Boston residents, including school children and senior citizens, were left trying to navigate unsafe walkways, climbing over massive snowbanks and walking along ice-slicked streets to get where they needed to go.”

The hearing will be held Oct. 18 before the City Council’s Committee on City, Neighborhood Services & Veterans Affairs.

From press materials.

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