Hennigan school to get new library

The Hennigan Elementary School at 200 Heath St. is getting a new library this fall, and it is coming courtesy of the big-box chain Target.

In partnership with the nonprofit Heart of America, Target has been renovating school urban school libraries since 2007, Heart of America spokesperson John Flynn told the Gazette. This year, Target is renovating 40 school libraries.

The new library will include 2,000 new books, including a parent resources section. It will also include a full renovation of the school’s library—a new paint job, furniture and shelves.

The design for the library included consultation with Hennigan School students, who were asked to “visualize their dream library,” he said.

The finishing touches will be put on the library next month during a volunteer day when Target employees and others will help shelve books and set up funrniture, he said.

Target is also providing a food pantry for Hennigan School families this year, which offers a box of food, including non-perishables and fresh produce, every month, Flynn said. The pantry will be open in conjunction with the volunteer day and opening celebration, he said.

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