Editorial: BPS flunks geography

Boston Public Schools is about to flunk its own geography test. In its new school-swapping plan, it would put the Mission Hill K-8 School in JP—but potentially keep the Mission Hill name.

Likewise, “Fenway” High would end up in Mission Hill.

It’s the worst idea since they kept “West Roxbury” on JP’s courthouse.

This foolishness is the clearest sign the plan is half-baked. BPS probably doesn’t want to tinker with names to mask the depth of change and placate parents and alums. So it will settle for geographic insanity.

Superintendent Johnson really does know more about school systems than we do. And it will be good to see the shuttered Agassiz School recycled for education. But from commando training to a “Mission Hill” re-branding, too much of BPS decision-making here and elsewhere is top-down, bad-surprise weirdness.

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