Editorial: Let’s split

Concern over JP being split between two new Congressional districts shows an admirable sense of community spirit. But it is more about progressive self-image than political reality.

JP would still be represented exclusively by Democrats. Yes, Stephen Lynch is more conservative than Mike Capuano on key issues. But that just means Lynch has as much to worry about from the split as JP progressives do.

And how progressive is JP anyway if we believe in minority voting power—just as long as it doesn’t cost us anything?

If anything is really concerning, it is that the elected officials who drew up this map—and the congressmen themselves—did not seem to notice the JP split until the Gazette asked about it.

If the districts are redrawn some other way, that’s fine, too. It’s worth pointing out that some of those efforts come from JP state representatives—whose districts split JP.

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    November 21, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Change Title :   Let’s Not and Say We will

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