Wines and spirits that won’t break the bank

The gift of a quality bottle of wine or liquor doesn’t need to break the bank to please the palate, Blanchard’s General Manager Mike Denson told the Gazette.

“The two weeks before Christmas, we’ll see people asking for the most expensive bottle of Scotch,” he said, pointing out a $500 bottle to the Gazette. “You can get a much nicer bottle of Scotch for a lot less.”

“People buy a lot of alcohol gifts,” Denson said. “People will buy those obscure bottles that you only sell four or five in a year—we’ll sell them all in December.”

Denson gave the Gazette his recommendations for budget, moderately-priced and splurge-worthy single malt Scotch whiskeys, wines and Champagnes for the holiday season.

Montinore Estate Pinot Noir, Oregon. $14.99
“Great for a party, it goes with everything. It’s a can’t-miss wine.”

Muga Rioja, Spain. $32.99
“It’s something a little different, but I love it.”

Fevre Chablis, France. $42.99
“This is my favorite white wine.”

Mionetto Prosecco. $11.97
“Really good choice.”

Domaine Chandon Brut. $13.97
“Most people who don’t drink Champagne won’t know the different between this and a much more expensive bottle.”

Veuve Clicquot. $39.97
“I would never spend more than this on Champagne.”

Single Malts
Auchentoshan Classic. $33.99
“We have their whole line, but this is a great bargain.”

Lagavulin 16 year. $72.99
“It’s made for those winter nights. It’s peaty, smoky and has a kick to it.”

Macallan 18 year. $159.99
“You can’t get much better than this.”

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