Retirees offer advice to younger generation

The Gazette joined a group of seniors at J.P. Lick’s last week for a cup of coffee and good advice.

The retiree group, organized by Arva Clark, meets weekly to discuss different topics. The group is so popular that Clark has recently added a second regular meeting. She can be reached at 971-9419.

Some of the ladies present—Clark, Rosemary Jones, Lin Sasaman and Paula Carranza—spent an hour sharing pieces of wisdom they wish they had known as teenagers.

Sasaman: Have a rich fantasy life. It keeps your spirits up.

Carranza: Live somewhere else. Don’t be provincial.

Jones: Enjoy the life you have, even if it’s not the life you planned.

Sasaman: Prepare for your future as a senior.

Carranza: Save a little every week or month and invest in your credit union

Clark: When you’re having dinner, talk about what you really care about.

Sasaman: If you’re really angry at someone, look back at yourself and your own behavior.

Jones: Floss.

Sasaman: Learn to work with different groups of people.

Clark: Always have a goal. You can change your goal if you want, but you have to have one.

Sasaman: Listen to the voice inside yourself. It’s not the same as asking God.

Carranza: Be very conscious of what’s going on in the world.

Sasaman: Keep your spirits up.

Clark: Find a sport or activity that will take you beyond your youth.

Sasaman: If you’re going to be a warrior, learn to pick your battles.

Clark: Read, read, read, read, read.


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