Letter: Yes to homeless facility

Yes in my back yard.

As a JP resident, I am still in full support of the plan to make the former Barbara McInnis House into a respite care facility (“Homeless care project is back in court,” March 2). If it weren’t for housing options when I was growing up, we would have ended up without a roof over our heads. It was because of programs similar to this one that I was able to have the stability of a home that allowed me to be a kid and to graduate from high school and go on to college.

We need more affordable housing. The less affordable housing available, the more likely people are to not have housing at all. There are many people who don’t have the privilege of a roof over their head and a warm bed. The old and young are in need of a place they can call home and a place they can receive much-needed care. There are many people who greatly need the care and help that would be offered at this facility. The organizations that propose to run this facility all have great reputations, and I look forward to experiencing that in my back yard.

Sean K. Benedix

Jamaica Plain

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