Helicopter hauls gear atop tower

PONDSIDE—A helicopter landed at Daisy Field and hauled equipment to the roof of the 30-story Jamaicaway Tower on April 22, drawing curious bystanders and blocking Jamaicaway traffic.

The $100,000 helicopter ride was the only way to get a new air conditioning device and related gear to the roof of the 111 Perkins St. residential tower, said Steve Glickel, president of the tower’s board of directors.

The unusual red helicopter, which had a gap where regular choppers have a passenger compartment, hauled a gigantic box-like device and a metal frame to the roof. The Sunday morning work by Vantage Builders resulted in the State Police restricting pedestrian and motor vehicle access to a long stretch of the Jamaicaway. The Boston Fire Department had a truck on the scene in case of an accident.

Daisy Field at the Jamaicaway and Bynner Street in Olmsted Park was used as the staging area for loading the helicopter. The construction plan promised that workers will “leave the site at the end of the day in better shape than when we arrived.”

The work involved replacing an air conditioning cooling tower. The device could not be placed at ground level because of the noise it will make, Glickel said.

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