Ross seeks Green Line traffic cameras

City Councilor Mike Ross is attempting to apply the brakes to motorists who speed by the Green Line while passengers enter and exit the trolley. He has filed a home-rule petition in the City Council that would install trolley cameras intended to capture the law-breaking culprits.

“This is such a public safety need,” said Ross.

Joe Pesaturo, MBTA spokesperson, wrote in an email, “Given the MBTA’s well documented financial difficulties, this proposal would require serious discussions about the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with such a project.”

There is already a state law that prohibits motorists from passing a trolley as passengers enter and depart, but Ross said many disregard the law and several accidents have resulted from that.

The councilor said that the problem area is between the Brigham Circle and Heath Street stops. That includes where the trolley runs on JP’s S. Huntington Avenue.

Ross, who represents the Hyde Square and S. Huntington Avenue areas, said the area is difficult to patrol because a police officer would need to follow the trolley from Brigham Circle to Heath Street. But a camera would be able to capture violators and eventually deter motorists from breaking the law.

“It’s a law that absolutely should be respected,” said Ross.

He added, “If people knew there were consequences for their actions, they would comply.”

Ross said the council is currently finishing up with next year’s budget, but hopes the Committee on Governmental Operations will take up the petition soon.

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