Law Day celebrates freedom, rights

(Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira) Holy Name Parish School’s sixth grade class poses in front of a fire truck during the West Roxbury Courthouse’s Law Day on April 27.

FOREST HILLS—The Mozart School, Sacred Heart Academy and Holy Name Parish Schools joined the West Roxbury Courthouse in celebrating Law Day on April 27.

Law Day is a part of the courthouse’s Reinventing Justice program, which invites students to witness proceedings at the 445 Arborway courthouse and learn about the legal system.

Law Day exists to “celebrate our freedoms, rights and responsibilities,” Judge Kathleen Coffey said.

Students witnessed demonstrations from the Boston Fire Department, the state’s Underwater Recovery Unit and the Sheriff’s Department. They also received prizes for an essay contest and heard Charlie Titus, a basketball coach at University of Massachusetts Boston, speak.

“I do [appearances like] this as often as I possibly can,” Titus told the Gazette. “It’s important to reach kids and make an impact.”

“I liked it a lot,” Jack Rathbone, a Holy Name Parish student and essay-winner told the Gazette. “Most of the judicial system stuff was new to me.”

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