Letter: Thanks to Rozzie’s great businesses

While we appreciate the special interest the mayor has taken in Roslindale since his days as city councilor, and all he has done to help our neighborhood, we shouldn’t forget about the Roslindale business owners who have worked hard to find success here (“Mayor Menino on what makes Rozzie great,” May 11). There are many who have invested hard-earned dollars and countless hours of hard work trying to make it here. Some have succeeded and some not. Some of our businesses have been here from decades before the mayor and Main Streets. I’d like to say thank you to the businesses of Roslindale, including (but not limited to) Diane’s Bakery, Wallpaper City, Wapo Taco, Rialto Barbershop, Tony’s Market, Bob’s Pita Bakery, Blue Star, and especially to the folks who got Village Market up and running.

Jon Goodhue


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