Editorial: Help the real Indians

While U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren defends her conveniently optional American Indian identity, and incumbent Sen. Scott Brown continues to goad her about it, many actual American Indians are struggling.

While Warren and Brown debate how Warren’s supposed Indian heritage may have influenced her professorship at the world’s greatest university, actual American Indians last week at JP’s North American Indian Center of Boston (NAICOB) were learning the basics of how to use a computer so they can get jobs.

It is appalling that these candidates and their supporters have largely treated “American Indian” as a decorative title rather than as people who face immense social challenges.

If Warren is proud to be an American Indian, she should not be ignoring and avoiding NAICOB and other Indian organizations. If Brown wants to know how American Indian status affects job searches, he should ask NAICOB’s employment training program.

A U.S. senator has enormous power to better the lives of American Indians. Warren and Brown should educate themselves about the needs of non-optional American Indians and tell us what they intend to do to fulfill them.

1 comment for “Editorial: Help the real Indians

  1. jp native
    June 25, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Well we forget to mention that Elizabeth Warren stole a seat from a real Indian, so that should be noted in the Indian struggle.  A real person could have done more for the indian cause than Warren.

    But Life is a social challenge, i dont care who you are…white black etc..no one is guaranteed anything , everyone struggles…everyone fails or the become too shy because failure is thought of as something bad in life …but its essential…American Indians were planning to kill the plimouth plantation until a dying Massasoite  in now Rhode Island was visited by Winslow  who was paying his last respects and actually heard that he had died, and upon finding him still alvie gave him some herbs which saved his life and being grateful told him of annihilation being planned by several Massasoit sachems.  Winslow summoned Miles Standish upon his arrival back to plimoth who took a boat up to weymouth colony and conducted a feast luring the sachems into the hut with pork.  He then killed all the sachems which was the beginning of the end of the indians in massachusetts as they never settled at one time very long…

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