Faulkner docs publish book on migraines

Two Faulkner Hospital doctors have written a book aimed at headache sufferers and their families.

“The Migraine Solution,” written by doctors Elizabeth Loder and Paul Rizzoli, talks about migraine research and treatment, lifestyle issues and how to get help, as well as headache management.

“The book tries to give a well-rounded understanding of the problem,” Rizzoli told the Gazette during a phone interview. “It talks about what a migraine is, what kinds there are, how they happen, how to diagnose them, how to pick a doctor, what to get from a doctor’s visit.”

Rizzoli is himself a migraine sufferer, which fed his interest in neurology, the study of the human brain and nervous system, he said.

Loder became interested in headaches early on in her career when, as a resident at Faulkner, located at 1153 Centre St., she did a rotation at the John R. Graham Headache Center, according to a press release.

Writing the book was a series of fortunate events, Rizolli said.

While building the hospital’s John R. Graham Headache Center, Rizzoli wanted to take a writing class to improve his skills.

That class turned out to be more about getting a book published than about sharpening his writing—but he stuck with it, pitching a then-theoretical book about headaches.

About a year after that class, Harvard Press, the publisher, contacted the two doctors to write “The Migraine Solution.”

The book, first published in January, is now heading to its second printing after the initial run of 12,000 books has nearly sold out.

While Rizolli said he expects the book may soon be available in drugstores, it is currently available on amazon.com

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