‘Parklet’ to replace parking spaces

CENTRAL JP—Jamaica Plain will get one of the city’s first parklets next year in a new pilot program.

A parklet is a small, semi-permanent public space that resembles a deck, created from two to three parking spaces. It may include tables and chairs, bicycle parking or planters, among other options.

The first four pilot parklets will inform the city on the feasibility of wider parklet distribution throughout Boston next year.

“Primarily, we want the neighborhoods to appreciate them,” Boston Transportation Department spokesperson Rachel Szakmary said at a Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) meeting yesterday.

The current plan would likely create a parklet on Seaverns Avenue, next to Purple Cactus and facing City Feed and Supply’s side entrance. The parklet would remain on site, occupying two 2-hour parking spaces, from March through November.

Parklets have been well-received in San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver and other cities, Szakmary said.

For more on this story, see the July 6 issue of the Gazette.

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