Cops: Man carried gun, drugs

JACKSON SQ.—A Dorchester man was arrested in the Bromley-Heath housing development on June 19 for allegedly carrying a gun with altered serial numbers and prescription drugs.

Jiwan Battiste, 33, “violently struggled” with police during the 9 p.m. arrest outside 940 Parker St., according to a Boston Police Department (BPD) report.

Police officers reportedly questioned a group of three people, including Battiste, in the rear of 950 Parker St. and frisked them. Officers allegedly found a knife clipped to Battiste’s front pants pocket and a firearm in his rear pocket. The other people were released without charges.

Battiste faces charges of unlawful possession of a gun and ammo; possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers; unlawful carrying of dangerous weapons; possession of Class E drugs; and resisting arrest.

Gun-related crime at Bromley-Heath has been an ongoing concern, with four people shot in two incidents there in the past six weeks.

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