Police Spotlight: Burglars like unlocked windows

While JP has not had an overall increase in burglaries, the warm weather has brought several recent incidents of criminals entering homes through open and unlocked windows.

Capt. Paul Russell, commander of the local District E-13 Police Station, advises residents to close and lock all doors and windows. Also, do not hesitate to call 911 to report anyone who looks suspicious, especially anyone in a back yard.

Some other basic tips to prevent burglary: Make sure air conditioners in windows are locked into place so they cannot be pushed in by a burglar; remember that window screens do not prevent a burglar from getting in; secure sliding glass doors with locks or broomsticks; keep valuables out of sight; do not leave tools, ladders, lawn furniture, crates, etc. outside for criminals to use to break in; do not hide house keys outside; keep shrubbery and trees trimmed back; keep outside lights on; keep an inventory of valuable items, including serial numbers; consider purchasing an alarm system; when away, put lights and radios on timers, keep window shades in normal positions, and halt mail delivery.

For more crime prevention info, contact the E-13 Community Service Office at 617-343-5624.

Information courtesy District E-13 Community Service Office.

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