Letter: Red Sox striking out with fans

Just as the U.S. House of Representatives seems hell-bent on rejecting any bills put forth by the Obama administration, no matter how much good they might do to further help this country out of the economic decline spawned by the previous administration, the majority of the Red Sox roster seems determined to get Bobby Valentine ousted before the conclusion of this ridiculous season by playing some of the worst baseball witnessed in these parts in almost a decade.

Perhaps it’s time for the so-called Red Sox Nation to rise up and protest in unison by boycotting a game, which, of course, would never happen. But don’t you sometimes long for those days when there were maybe 7,500 to 10,000 fans scattered throughout the old ballpark, fans who had no other expectation but to hopefully catch a decent contest played by participants who were not overpaid, yet seemed to care about the game?

We must let this organization know that the glory of ’04 and ’07 has passed! This is a town, a region, of proud and knowledgeable baseball fans who deserve much more than what was displayed in the collapse of 2011 and what continues to be an excruciating and seemingly never-ending soap opera in 2012.

Michel L. Spitzer

Jamaica Plain

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