Casey Overpass repairs completed

The emergency repairs to the Casey Overpass have been completed, but future maintenance will likely be needed, according to Massachusetts Department of Transportation spokesperson Michael Verseckes.

The eastbound lane was closed for approximately 12 hours on Aug. 31 for repairs after debris fell from a section of the overpass over the T station property at the intersection of Washington Street, New Washington Street and the Arborway, to the east of the Route 39 bus stop.

“MassDOT will continue to monitor the condition of the Casey Overpass and address any maintenance issues should they arise,” said Verseckes in an email to the Gazette. “The overpass is in an advanced stage of deterioration, so it is likely that from time to time, maintenance needs will surface.”

The overpass is the State Route 203/Arborway bridge over Washington Street and New Washington Street.

The overpass is scheduled for demolition and will be replaced by a network of surface streets. Verseckes said the project will be advertised for bidding in September 2013, with construction beginning sometime in the spring of 2014.

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