JP Historical Society turns 25, aims for nonprofit status

The Jamaica Plain Historical Society is turning 25 this year and working to become an official nonprofit to celebrate. This year will also see the return of Historical Society-organized lectures and a film screening about the elevated Orange Line to be held in JP this fall.

“We’ve been kicking around the idea [of making the change to nonprofit] for the last 10 years or so,” President Gretchen Grozier told the Gazette. “It seems like now is a good time,” especially since Charlie Rosenberg, long-time member and former president is willing to help coordinate the effort, she explained.

The change would allow the Historical Society to apply for grants, which would create the opportunity to get some professional upgrades to its archives, like digitizing and cataloging, as well as professional lectures and tours.

“We have relied on generosity up to now,” Grozier said, but added that she hopes that won’t be so necessary if the change takes place.

The Historical Society is working with the Massachusetts Bar Association, who is helping with the legal process pro bono. The process should be complete in six months, Grozier said. It is accepting donations to cover the cost of filing.

The volunteer-based Historical Society organizes walks and occasional lectures on the history of Jamaica Plain. Its website,, has digitized materials and resources.

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