Real Estate Today: Agent: Goddard House worth $12.5-15 million

(Gazette Photo by John Ruch) The Goddard House on S. Huntington Avenue.

A local real estate agent says that the Goddard House Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center property could fetch between $12.5 million and $15 million on the residential market.

The Goddard House, which is located at 201 S. Huntington Ave., ceased operations on Sept. 8. The enormous brick building was constructed in 1927 and housed about 100 seniors. The future of the property remains unknown.

The Goddard House did not respond for a request for comment, but had previously said it would wait until after the closure to begin discussion about the property’s fate.

“I think there would be a lot of interest,” Michael Dorio n of William Raveis Real Estate & Home Services said about the property if it was placed on the market.

He added that many developers have been waiting on the sideline because of the recession and are looking to get back into action. He said that the Goddard House is a “beautiful old Boston building” and an “architectural gem.”

But Dorion said his price of $12.5 million to $15 million is a rough estimate as it’s hard to pinpoint a price on the property without walking through it and seeing if the building had any major issues.

Dorion said that the building is about 25,000 square feet, 12,000 of which is living space. He said any buyer would probably want to spend a lot of money on the building to repurpose it and increase the square-footage of living space. He also noted that parking wouldn’t be an issue as the building sits on two-and-a-half acres of land.

Asked if he has heard any rumors about the property, Dorion replied, “Not in my circle.”

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