JP Kids: New video game is set in Colonial Boston

Colonial Boston is the setting for the latest installment of the hit video game series “Assassin’s Creed,” slated for an Oct. 30 release.

Like its predecessors, “Assassin’s Creed III” is a historical adventure about a member of a secret society fighting a vast conspiracy, this time set in the American Revolution era of the 1750s to 1780s. Publicity images show Long Wharf and the Old North Church in Boston, among other landmarks.

Prior installments were set in various European and Middle Eastern cities, including Rome and Jerusalem, during the medieval and Renaissance periods, all detailed with generally good historical accuracy. The new game gives Colonial Boston, New York, and surrounding towns and wilderness the same treatment.

Jamaica Plain, then a rural area outside Boston, was the site of a lot of Revolutionary War activity. It is unclear whether the area is included the game. Game creator Ubisoft Montreal did not respond to Gazette questions.

The hero of the game, an assassin and spy named Connor, is of American Indian and English heritage, according to publicity materials. As in the previous games in the series, the player will be able to freely explore the historical cities and even climb superhero-style up their landmarks.

The gaming industry’s internal rating board has rated the game “mature,” meaning it may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

“Assassin’s Creed III” will be released on Oct. 30 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox consoles. A Windows PC version is slated for a Nov. 20 release.

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