Political Notes: O’Malley targets ‘pig parking’

City Councilor Matt O’Malley, who lives in and represents Jamaica Plain, filed an order to have a hearing on examining ways to improve traffic in the city, according to a press release.

“Parking, traffic and pedestrian safety all play a role in how we travel through this city,” said O’Malley, according to the press release. “I want to see if we can make those trips a little easier and a little safer for everyone.”

O’Malley wants to focus on several areas, including preventing motorist from blocking intersections, ensuring no “pig parking,” which is when a person parks in two spaces, and preventing double-parking in business districts.

Sánchez holds back-to-school celebrations

Local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez held his 7th annual Back-to-School Jam celebrations in August, according to a press release.

The events were held at the Bromley-Heath housing development in Jamaica Plain, the High Steet Veterans Housing in Brookline and the Mission Main housing development in Mission Hill.

“It’s important to get the neighborhood children excited about school, learning and staying healthy,” said Sánchez, according to the press release.

Representatives from health institutions provided education materials and free health screenings to attendees. Sanchez also gave out more than 90 backpacks, along with pencils, pens and books, during the three events.

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