Family Dollar won’t open at JP site

WASHINGTON ST.—Family Dollar, a national discount-goods chain, is giving up a potential Jamaica Plain location at 3383-3389 Washington St. because of community opposition.

“The development team is trying to figure out what we can do with that property that isn’t offensive to the neighborhood,” developer Peter McLoughlin of Boston Property Development LLC told the Gazette.

Residents informed developers of their preference for a mixed-use housing and retail development during a community meeting in October announcing the Family Dollar idea.

“Several people expressed mixed-use would be more desirable, so I’m running with that input. I have to start from scratch,” McLoughlin said. “Hopefully, we’ll come back to the community and present them something more in line with their vision of Washington Street.”

The site, which covers three parcels, is currently vacant. It includes the former Royal Fried Chicken restaurant, a long-shuttered nightclub and a parking lot.

McLoughlin and two partners have owned the site for three years. A previous proposal to put a new convenience store there also was opposed by the community for competition with other businesses.

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