‘City of Work’ to open at Cyberarts

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery will host its second exhibit since officially taking over the space from Axiom starting Jan. 11.

The exhibit, a collection of media that includes video, slide presentations, photographs and an interactive component, called “City of Work,” addresses a dystopian view of an overworked American public, where vacations are given by lottery and unemployment is illegal.

“After graduate school, I needed a full-time job to support myself. I did a lot of temping. I based my ideas [for the exhibit] on what our society has become,” artist Michael Lewy told the Gazette. “Everything we have is based on our jobs. It’s tied to our identity.”

“We define ourselves in society by how much money we make,” the JP-based artist said.

Lewy added that needing to supplement his artist’s income with other jobs was a natural thing to make art about.

While some individual pieces have been shown before, it is the first time they will be shown as a group, Lewy said.

The Cyberarts Gallery, located inside the MBTA’s Green Street station, was recently taken over from previous owners Axiom.

The Boston Cyberarts gallery is located at 141 Green St., inside the T station. The opening reception will take place Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. and the exhibit will be open through Feb. 17. For more information, see BostonCyberarts.org.

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