You Said It, JP! 2012 in Quotes

“[The community] process has led us to determine that the at-grade alternative reconnects the neighborhood, provides more open space, incorporates more design elements that are pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, and allows for more efficient bus movements through the area.”

—Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary Richard Davey on announcing the decision to replace the Casey Overpass with the Casey Arborway.


“We got snookered. The process we went through last year was a disgrace to anyone who calls themself a planner, and an insult to our community.”

—Working Advisory Group (WAG) member Jeffrey Ferris, a frequent critic of the at-grade option, on the announcement.


“I see this as an opportunity to improve Forest Hills and this section of the Emerald Necklace.”

—WAG member Sarah Freeman, an at-grade supporter, on the announcement.


“I think you better be prepared for the second Big Dig.”

—Boston Mayor Thomas Menino on the Casey Arborway project.


“There’s a very warm feeling in JP. I love the community feel to it.”

—Brittany Shapiro, a casting director who moved from Los Angeles to Jamaica Plain.


“It wasn’t an upbringing a child should have. It was really tough. But growing up in JP has shaped who I am.”

—Brian Nunez, 17, describing growing up in Egleston Square. Nunez is part of a college-mentoring program for low-income students.


“Civil disobedience is not my favorite thing to do, but Heather’s out of options. She’s homeless.”

—Local state Rep. Liz Malia on being arrested during an eviction blockade for Heather Gordon’s foreclosed house in Egleston Square.


“We decided that [upgrading the building] was not good stewardship of the Goddard House mission and assets.”

—Emily Brower, a Goddard House board of trustees member, announcing the closure of the nursing home at 201 S. Huntington Ave.


“In one year, everything is going to change on that block. It won’t be the same place.”

—Local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez responding to the Goddard House closing and other proposed developments on S. Huntington.


“It will extend the residential character of JP down to where it really hasn’t been before.”

—Curtis Kemeny, president and CEO of Boston Residential Group, on announcing plans to turn the Home for Little Wanderers complex at 161 S. Huntington Ave. into luxury apartments.


“This project is not what the community wants or what the community needs.”

—Kevin Moloney, a member of both the Jamaica Pond Association and the 161 S. Huntington Ave. project’s Impact Advisory Group, speaking on the revised plan for the site.


“They built Jamaica Plain around him, he’s been here that long. I considered him a friend. JP is really going to miss him, and I will, too.”

—JP resident Bob McDonnell on the death of Fred Ciampa, the longtime owner of Same Old Place restaurant.


“Let’s offer a worse product for more money.”

—At-Large City Councilor Felix Arroyo, a JP resident, on the MBTA’s plan to bump up rates and cut service.


“Go have a Cuban sandwich, because you’re obviously not interested in anything else in this community. Enjoy your sandwich and get out.”

—Local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez on then U.S. Sen. Scott Brown visiting JP’s El Oriental de Cuba to support a Puerto Rican veterans memorial. 


“We’ve never heard from Elizabeth Warren, unfortunately. We would like to see her. It would be nice if she reached out to us.”

—Joanne Dunn, executive director of JP-based North American Indian Center of Boston, on then U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who claimed Native American ancestry. 


“Like most people, I was stunned and appalled by the revelations of what happened at the Department of Public Health’s drug lab in Jamaica Plain.”

— Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley on the state drug lab scandal.


“The insinuation is insulting and offensive.”

— At-Large City Councilor Felix Arroyo, a JP resident, on the inference that campaign donations affected his view on two S. Huntington Avenue developments.


“Our goal is to make really high-quality units without any compromises.”

—New Atlantic Development President Peter Roth on his plan to turn the former Blessed Sacrament Church into high-end condos.


“We have appealed the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeal.”

—Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council member and attorney Jeffrey Wiesner on the JPNC’s lawsuit against the 161 S. Huntington project’s approval.


“I think that they should be careful of what they wished for.”

—JP resident Rick Stockwood on the JPNC claiming to be a municipal board in its lawsuit.

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