On the Police Beat, Jan. 10-20

February 1, 2013

The following crime incident reports are public records provided by the Community Service Office of the District E-13 Police Station, which is solely responsible for their content. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

Jan. 20: Hit and run, 11 Seaverns Ave.; hit and run, Hyde Park Ave.; auto burglary, 201 S. Huntington Ave.; attempted unarmed robbery, 301 S. Huntington Ave.; threats, 35 Creighton St.

Jan. 19: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, 3171 Washington St.; auto burglary, 2 Eastland Road; Roxbury resident charged with shoplifting, 467 Centre St.; auto burglary, 15 Lamartine St.; affray, 125 South St.; harassing phone calls, 796 Centre St.

Jan. 18: Hit and run, 3701 Washington St.; attempted home burglary, 224 Jamaicaway; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, 144 McBride St.; auto burglary, 200 Heath St.; harassing phone calls, 65 Cornwall St.; auto burglary, Amory St.; juvenile charged with unarmed robbery, Amory St.

Jan. 17: Hit and run, 301 Centre St.; juvenile charged with assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 50 Bickford St.; assault and battery, 82 Green St.; larceny, 3347 Washington St.; vandalism, 1153 Centre St.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon (knife), 3089 Washington St.; vandalism, 703 Centre St.

Jan. 16: Assault and battery, Green St.; hit and run, 9 Rockview St.; shoplifting, 1890 Columbus Ave.; larceny, 301 Centre St.; threats, 200 Heath St.; threats, 3121 Washington St.

Jan. 15: Juvenile charged with child endangerment, 275 Centre St.; vandalism, 3346 Washington St.; auto burglary, 17 Moraine St.; vandalism, 10 Union Ave.; auto burglary, 12 Enfield St.; home burglary, 89 Brookside Ave.; larceny, 601 Centre St.

Jan. 14: Trespassing, 2055 Columbus Ave.; shoplifting, 1890 Columbus Ave.; affray, S. Huntington Ave.; larceny, 174 Forest Hills St.; South End resident charged with trespassing, 3064 Washington St.; threats, 17 Bickford St.; Brookline resident charged with assault and battery, 267 Centre St.; assault and battery, 20 Amory Ave.; assault and battery, 9 Metcalf Court; Hyde Park resident charged with disorderly conduct, South St.; vandalism, 43 Roseway St.; auto burglary, 26 Roseway St.; threats, 55 Parkton Road.; home burglary, 3 Bardwell St.; home burglary, 89 Brookside Ave.

Jan. 13: Mattapan resident charged with possession of Class D drugs with intent to distribute, 950 Parker St.; hit and run, Ukraine Way; hit and run, Washington St.; Rafael E. Tineo of JP charged with assault and battery, 43 Mozart St.

Jan. 11: Home burglary, 20 Grovenor Road.

Jan. 10: Hit and run, Amory St.