On the Police Beat, April 8-15

April 26, 2013

The following crime incident reports are public records provided by the Community Service Office of the District E-13 Police Station, which is solely responsible for their content. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

April 15: Larceny, 267 Centre St.

April 14: Home burglary, 50 Boylston St.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 1871 Columbus Ave.; vandalism, 69 Halifax St.; operating under influence, Hall St.; Belgie Sostre of South End charged with trespassing, 3064 Washington St.

April 13: Stolen car, 560 Centre St.; threats, 192 Hyde Park Ave.; threats, 11 Patten St.; threats, 2031 Columbus Ave.; Abdisamad Yasin of JP, Abdiasis O. Mohammed of JP and Abdiaziz I. Abbas of JP charged with trespassing, 265 Centre St.; assault and battery, 49 Robinwood Ave.

April 12: Home burglary, 171 Green St.; stolen car, 1 Ernst St.; animal incidents, Arborway; auto burglary, 50 Paul Gore St.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 40 Pershing Road; trespassing, 285 Centre St.; Richard Thomas of Roxbury charged with trespassing, 3064 Washington St.; warrant arrest, 10 Plant Court; vandalism, S. Huntington Ave.

April 11: Home burglary, 26 Chestnut Ave.; armed robbery (gun), 3080 Washington St.; indecent exposure, 3701 Washington St.; larceny, 48 Robinwood Ave.; vandalism, 1890 Columbus Ave.; auto burglary, Paul Gore St.; larceny, 350 S. Huntington Ave.

April 10: Armed bank robbery, 515 Centre St.; witness intimidation, 445 Arborway; Martin Rodriguez of Dorchester and Marco Victorino of Dorchester charged with Class A drug possession, 358 Centre St.; assault and battery, 3384 Washington St.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 1153 Centre St.

April 9: Home burglary, 47 Weld Hill St.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon (knife), 3701 Washington St.; James Witkowski Owens of Roxbury charged with larceny, 77 Walk Hill St.; John M. Quish of Hyde Park arrested on warrant, 280 Centre St.; Anthony Smallwood of Hyde Park charged with trespassing, 146 Heath St.; purse-snatching, 157 Green St.; auto burglary, 4 Zamora St.; hit and run (property), 74 S. Huntington Ave.; hit and run (property), 7 Woodside Ave.; larceny, 61 School St.; threats, Washington St.

April 8: Unarmed robbery, 3722 Washington St.; larceny, 61 School St.; Edgar D. Peguero of JP charged with Class B drug possession, 279 Centre St.; assault and battery on police officer, 2055 Columbus Ave.; hit and run (property); drug violation, 3347 Washington St.; larceny, 82 Green St.