Letter: Gazette does outstanding work

The quality of the work being done by the Gazette is outstanding. The Gazette hit the MBTA hard on its proposed changes to the Route 39 bus stops, which will be fewer under the MBTA plan. Elders and handicapped people need more and closer stops; but MBTA management wants to look good on timeliness of bus runs so it ignores the needs of seniors and disabled riders. Only the Gazette has pointed out that the entire State Lab here in JP, made famous by Annie Dookin, had never been certified by anyone. Most recently, the Gazette has pointed out that the Boston Police were tracking activists while having no idea about the Tsarnaev brothers.

Finally, I’d like to second the letter of Matt Henzy in the June 7 Gazette (“Marine story was Pentagon propaganda”), who warned us all about mission creep by the U.S. military’s new Africa Command. Department of State personnel should be our representatives in all foreign countries and deployment of military personnel to do in-country military training should require a special act of Congress as well as a formal treaty so that all citizens are aware of our entanglements. An uncontrolled military can get us into a succession of huge messes. I hope our young parents are paying attention, because their kids will be called upon to fight the next wars. An out-of-control military in terms of sexual assaults within its own ranks, in terms of few or no mission restraints, in terms of few budget controls and oversight, and in terms of organizational secrecy undermines the great reputation developed by the incredible bravery of men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Count me as one combat vet who was stunned by the sheer day-in, day-out, bravery of our men and women in uniform in those wars.

Francis X. Stone (Lt. Col., USAF, ret.)

Jamaica Plain

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