Jackson Sq. development gets added units

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation’s (JPNDC) plan for a low-income apartment project at 75 Amory Ave. has changed slightly since it was filed with the City in January, as two units have been added to the proposal.

“Basically, we are trying to get the greatest number of units within the envelope of the building,” said Richard Thal, executive director of JPNDC.

JPNDC is filing an application for state funding for the project in August. Thal said he expects a decision on that application late this year or early 2014. If JPNDC gets the funding and the project is approved by the City, Thal said construction could start in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The project is currently being reviewed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, according to spokesperson Melina Schuler.

JPNDC, a nonprofit community development corporation, is part of Jackson Square Partners, a coalition of companies redeveloping about 11 acres of land in the Jackson Square area in a coordinated plan.

The 75 Amory Ave. project, which was part of the first phase of the Jackson Square redevelopment master plan that was approved by the BRA in 2007, was planned at that time to be a six-floor building with 36 affordable rental units and 19 affordable condos. The new plan filed with the BRA is for a four-floor building with 39 affordable rental units, but it will also have 1,015 square feet for office and resident program use.

In the project filing, JPNDC cited lack of City and state funding and a depressed market as two reasons for the smaller building. JPNDC also said the reduced size allows it to build a wood-framed structure, which is less expensive than steel-framed alternative.

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