Letter: Faraone is right about canned speeches, but there’s a solution

In reading Chris Faraone’s column “Is there an echo in here, or is that a stump speech?” (“Politics as Unusual,” Aug. 2), I could commiserate with him regarding our mayoral candidates becoming repetitive at different forums. I’ve attended two education forums so far where the sponsors insisted that attendees submit their questions beforehand. Only a few questions were selected. I was unable to attend a third at Roxbury Community College, which didn’t require pre-screened questions.

Perhaps a better place for Faraone to discover what candidates think would be to attend any of the meet-and-greets held in homes, small community gatherings or stops at MBTA stations, etc., where these candidates are asked more spontaneous questions. A second source would be to go to candidates’ websites—some have more detailed platform information than others.

Maureen O’Connor

Jamaica Plain

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