JP Open Studios: Many paths to see art

The 20th annual Jamaica Plain Open Studios (JPOS), a celebration of the arts in JP that invites the public into local artists’ studios and group shows, is returning next weekend, Sept. 21 and 22.

Maps and detailed viewing information will be available at venues and are already available at But with 50 JPOS venues, the question arises: where to go to admire local art?

The answer: it depends on how much walking one is prepared to do. The Gazette suggests the following routes. Venues are usually marked by signs or balloons.

Quick Hits

To get the most artists in the shortest time, visit the five largest group shows. Start at the Brewery courtyard display at 284 Amory St. before moving onto Hope Central Church at 85 Seaverns Ave. Close with three big shows at the Eliot School of Fine Arts (24 Eliot St.), the First Unitarian Universalist Church (6 Eliot St.) and the Loring Greenough House (12 South St.).

Short (under a half-mile)

The densest concentration of JPOS spaces is not the Centre/South corridor, but the Stonybrook neighborhood. A half-mile walk reaches over a dozen venues, including several group shows, the largest of which are at the Brewery courtyard and at 31 Germania St., Building C.

Intermediate (under a mile)

Keep to the main drag on Centre and South streets between McBride Street and Pond Street—there are over 20 locations to visit, including several large group shows. Allow plenty of time, as this is where the crowds will go and will likely be very busy.

Advanced (under two miles)

Start at South Street and Carolina Avenue and head north on Centre/South, visiting about 15 of the spaces in the area. Then head east along Green Street and Seaverns Avenue, hitting another eight locations before heading north towards The Brewery. There are another dozen venues in the Stonybrook neighborhood, all very densely packed.


For the completists, the Gazette recommends starting at the most remote points and moving toward the greatest concentration of venues. Start at the Hope Lodge at 125 S. Huntington Ave. before visiting the few other venues in Hyde Square. From there, move to the Stonybrook neighborhood, making sure to visit the three venues in Egleston Square on the way.

From Stonybrook, head west along Green Street and Seaverns Avenue, then south along the Centre/South corridor before ending at the Arboretum’s juried show in the Hunnewell Building at 125 Arborway.JP Open Studios 2011,

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