New aikido studio opens

FOREST HILLS—A new aikido studio opened at 54A Hyde Park Ave. in May.

Chelsea Trendgrove is pinned by instructor Vu Ha while Kayleigh O'Conner observes. (Photo Courtesy Sarah Sarofum)

Chelsea Trendgrove is pinned by instructor Vu Ha while Kayleigh O’Conner observes. (Photo Courtesy Sarah Sarofum)

Boston Aikikai dojo previously made its home in Chinatown and Roslindale, owner and instructor Vu Ha told the Gazette.

“Ever since we began three years ago, we have always hoped to have a permanent location, an actual dojo space, where we would feel rooted in the community and could grow,” Ha said.

The dojo offers basics classes for beginners, kids’ classes and all-levels classes that cover aikido and iaido, the art of drawing, cutting and re-sheathing the Japanese sword.

“Although aikido is generally an empty-handed martial art, much of its movement and structure derived from sword-based techniques,” Ha explained.

Ha added that he hopes the dojo will eventually introduce classes focusing on women’s self defense, anti-bullying and such traditional arts as meditation and calligraphy.

The dojo’s instructors are recognized and certified by the United States Aikido Federation, Ha said. Ha is himself a 5th degree black belt in aikido and a 4th degree black belt in iaido. The secondary instructor, Fiona Blyth, is a 4th degree blackbelt in aikido.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that teaches physical and mental discipline as a way of spiritual growth. Its philosophy of peaceful resolution to confrontation are embedded in the effective movements and techniques of the art, Ha said.

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