Arroyo, Barros endorse Walsh for mayor

Boston mayoral candidate Marty Walsh has picked up two key endorsements from former rivals John Barros and Felix Arroyo, a Jamaica Plain resident.

The Arroyo endorsement could be crucial for Walsh, who placed fifth in the JP vote during the Sept. 24 preliminary election. Arroyo placed first in the JP vote. Walsh’s rival for the City’s top office—John Connolly—finished third in the JP vote.

“I’m honored to have both of their support,” said Walsh, a Dorchester state representative, about Barros and Arroyo during a press conference in Egleston Square on Oct. 8. “I’m also honored to have the support of my colleague, state Rep. Liz Malia.”

Malia, who represents a portion of Jamaica Plain and lives in the neighborhood, endorsed Walsh during the preliminary campaign.

Barros said that Walsh is the candidate who shares the “common vision of Boston.” He said the Walsh campaign is about a city where every resident lives in a “strong and healthy neighborhood,” where there are strong small and large businesses and where there is an inclusive government.

Arroyo said his campaign was about ending homelessness, opportunities for everyone, and taking families out of poverty. He said Walsh’s campaign is an extension of that. Arroyo talked about recently going to Walsh’s house in Dorchester at 10:30 p.m, laying out his plan for certain City issues and Walsh listening before saying he wanted to do what was in that plan.

“I’m proud to stand next to Marty Walsh,” said Arroyo. “I know I’m standing next to the next mayor of Boston.”

Arroyo’s endorsement could provide a pivotal boost to Walsh. Arroyo, an at-large city councilor, was the top JP vote-getter in the preliminary election among 12 mayoral candidates. He garnered 23 percent of JP voters, or 2,468 votes. Walsh finished in fifth with 8 percent of JP voters, or 838 votes. Between those two candidates were Charlotte Golar Richie (17 percent), Connolly (13 percent) and Barros (13 percent).

The Gazette spoke with Arroyo about the preliminary election after the Oct. 8 press conference. He said he wanted to make it into the final election, but the voters spoke. He said it is a “beautiful thing about this country” that voters are able to decide an election.

Arroyo said he does not know what he will do once his term ends as a city councilor, but he will continue to fight for “social and economic justice.” He said he won’t forget, and is grateful for, the opportunity to represent the entire city of Boston.

John Barros (left) and Felix Arroyo (right) endorse Marty Walsh (center). (Gazette Photo by Peter Shanley)

John Barros (left) and Felix Arroyo (right) endorse Marty Walsh (center). (Gazette Photo by Peter Shanley)

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