Vacant Brookley Road lot sold, reportedly subdivided

STONYBROOK—A long-controversial parcel of land at 101 Brookley Road may finally be in the process of development after years of vacancy.

The 1.7-acre lot was purchased this summer by a real estate company and reportedly is being cleared and subdivided. But the exact plans remain unclear.

The site was formerly a nursing home that was shut down in the 1980s and demolished in 2006. It now stands as a vacant, fenced-off parcel of land that has collected fines for improper trash storage and overgrown weeds.

Various plans to build condos on the site have stalled over the years. The most recent was the Mayo Group’s plans for 29 condo units in 16 townhouse-style buildings with built-in garages. That plan never materialized after the 2008 economic downturn.

This summer, according to property records, Buildex Real Estate Ventures LLC bought the site from the Mayo Group for $2.18 million. Yan Schechter, the manager of Buildex, did not return Gazette phone calls.

According to a neighborhood listserv post by Fred Vetterlein, co-chair of the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association, a witness saw heavy equipment begin to clear the lot at 101 Brookley Road on Sept. 6. The post also said that the lot is being subdivided for development through an Inspectional Services Department (ISD) permit. The permit reportedly calls for dividing the lot into five parcels, which has led the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association to raise an eyebrow.

ISD did not return Gazette phone calls, and Vetterlein declined to comment further.

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