On the Police Beat, Oct. 8-21, 2013

October 25, 2013

The following police incident reports are public records provided by the Community Service Office of the District E-13 Police Station, which is solely responsible for their content. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

Oct. 21: Assault and battery, Centre St.; vandalism, 52 Haverford St.; assault and battery, Columbus Ave.

Oct. 20: Sexual assault (location classified); fire, 90 Forest Hills St.; armed robbery (knife), 8 Hall St.; pick-pocketing, 536 Centre St.; assault and battery, 3064 Washington St.; vandalism, 15 Zamora St.

Oct. 19: Threats, 1990 Columbus Ave.; hit and run (injury), Centre St.; larceny shoplifting, 1890 Columbus Ave.; hit and run (injury), Forest Hills St.; armed robbery (gun), 12 Adelaide St.; breaking and entering of residence, 1 Kenny St.; larceny from vehicle, 391 South St.; larceny, 32 Cranston St.

Oct. 18: Larceny from vehicle, 59 Amory St.; larceny, 60 Sheridan St.; fraud, 152 South St.; threats, 74 Bragdon St.; threats, 347 Centre St.; vandalism, Lourdes Ave.

Oct. 17: Assault and battery with dangerous weapon (knife), 1990 Columbus Ave.; pick-pocketing, 716 Centre St.; larceny, 701 Centre St.; assault and battery, 15 Rosemary St.; Hector Calderon of Hyde Park charged with trafficking in cocaine, Woodside Ave.; larceny, 2 Rossmore Road; hit and run (property), 804 Centre St.; fraud, 31 Heath St.

Oct. 16: Larceny from vehicle, 200 Heath St.; Class D drug possession, 51 Patten St.; assault and battery, 49 Robinwood Ave.; Carlos E. Caban of Boston charged with larceny shoplifting, 301 Centre St.; assault and battery, Hyde Park Ave.; stolen vehicle recovered, 1979 Columbus Ave.; larceny from vehicle, Perkins St.; hit and run (injury), Centre St.

Oct. 15: Ballistics evidence found, Lamartine St.; stolen vehicle recovered, Washington St.; ballistics evidence found, Jess St.; stolen vehicle recovered, Boylston St.; vandalism, 287 Centre St.; Carlos Reyes of Boston charged with possession of burglarious tools and arrested on warrant, 295 Centre St.; stolen vehicle recovered, 36 Meyer St.; Ramon Mendez of Cambridge arrested on warrant, 295 Centre St.; fraud, 1890 Columbus Ave.; vandalism, 12 Bickford St.

Oct. 14: Larceny from vehicle, Child St.; vandalism, 3122 Washington St.; stolen bicycle, 18 Dalrymple St.; Muhammad Yahya of JP arrested on warrant, 18 Dixwell St.; Keryn Sheridan of Malden arrested in service to other police department, Lamartine St.; vandalism, 396 Centre St.; breaking and entering of residence, 39 Atherton St.; larceny, 3064 Washington St.

Oct. 12: Larceny, 302 South St.

Oct. 11: Breaking and entering of residence, 76 South St.

Oct. 10: Fraud, 7 Glenvale Terrace; breaking and entering of residence, 6 Southbourne Road.

Oct. 8: Larceny, 12 School St.; hit and run (property), 144 McBride St.